Joistik Hands-free Live Streaming Tool

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• Standard model holds 2 phones or 1 phone + 1 tablet
• Main tablet mount holds device in vertical and landscape position
• Stand crafted from aircraft grade aluminum
• Easily extends up to 7 Feet tall
• Variable tension for precise raising and lowering
• Phone holder’s swivel ball head allows angular positioning
• Compatible with all popular Apple and Android mobile devices
• Compatible with Mevo, LG 360 Cameras, Go Pro, and much more

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The Joistik holds 2 or more* mobile phones or tablets** – enabling hands-free live streaming on several apps simultaneously. That means you can now engage with all of your social media followers on Facebook Live, Instagram, Twitter, Meerkat, Periscope, and Ustream at the same time! No more switching between multiple apps to reach your online audience. Just set up your Joistik, connect your Apple or Android mobile device, and you’re ready to Go Live. That’s right: multiple devices on multiple platforms with one Joistik.

It doesn’t stop there, the Joistik is compatible with far more than just phones and tablets, earning it the distinction of being “one of the most versatile products” on the market. With the main tablet mount detached, the standard 1/4″ screw allows you to personalize the Joistik and improve your live streaming experience by mounting virtually anything – including Mevo, Go Pro, LED lighting, cameras, and external microphones, making it perfect for even the most advanced digital content creators. Podcasters and Youtube personalities can now stream live with their mobile device while using professional tools to record high quality, uncompressed versions of the same footage for further editing and post-production later.

Best of all, the Joistik is lightweight and portable. The durable aircraft grade aluminum frame unpacks and assembles in a matter of minutes. Take your Joistik anywhere to capture stable, professional footage from all angles.

If you use social media to build your brand or connect with your followers, then the Joistik is definitely for you. Join the community of bloggers, photographers, fitness trainers, chefs, media hosts, public speakers, musicians, teachers, hair stylists, tattoo artsits and other professionals who have made a Joistik an irreplaceable part of their daily live streaming activities.

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* Additional device mounts sold separately
** In either vertical or landscape position

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A friend of mine swears by this product and insists that it is a must when live streaming or recording/vlogging. Super easy to use and assemble. I like the ability to use your iPad/tablet and phone simultaneously to allow you to stream to multiple platforms and even obtain different angles/shots of your live stream. It’s light and comfortable to handle allowing you to set up and break down quickly and efficiently, yet sturdy when using even when continually adjusting or readjusting to get that perfect shot. Vertical and landscape options are a plus when using the central tablet mount. Ring lights are a breeze to attach to the pretty much anywhere on the JoiStik, and there is even enough room for a selfie ring light for your phone! Well made; you can tell the details for this product were well thought out. Yes, it’s perfect for live streaming, but it’s just as brilliant to use for vlogging, video journals, family events, how to videos or whatever you can imagine. Excited to see and purchase more products from this company.

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Super cool and thank you very much for your review 🎉🔥🙏🏾💙