*** Due to new safety procedures dealing with COVID-19, shipping of orders may be delayed. Thank you for your patience! ***

*** Due to new safety procedures dealing with COVID-19, shipping of orders may be delayed. Thank you for your patience! ***

What’s a Joistik™?

The *Joistik™ is an essential tool for every type of digital content creator. It holds 2 or more mobile phones or tablets – allowing users to stream and record hands-free on multiple apps simultaneously. It’s lightweight and portable, so your Joistik™ can go anywhere to capture stable professional-looking footage from all angles.

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What Customers are Saying

What I like about the product is that it will hold any electronic device steady and at varying heights. I’m able to record video of myself with my iPad while using my iPhone as a teleprompter. It saves time and effort, which is my middle name as author of Managing Time on Purpose. Since I purchased the Joistik™, it is my go to item for filming and taking photos!

Dr. Deborah ``Dr. DJ`` Johnson-Blake - CEO|Consultant

As a performer, I love this product! I have been able to use my social media a lot more often  for my dance content by using the Joistik™. I love that I don’t have to wait to awkwardly ask someone to take a video or hold my phone when I go live. This is my favorite product to use when I need to use my devices for film, photos, or live streaming. I’m so happy I invested in this product.

Ahsia Janaé - Professional Dancer | Social Media Influencer

The JoiStik™ has transformed the way that I engage with friends and followers. As a writer and content creator, I need to keep my hands free while live streaming. I actually don’t leave home without it.

Ardre Orie - Writer|Publisher|Playwright

I have been using the Joistik™ for over 45 days now and I love the simplicity of use. I keep a table model and a floor model in my vehicle to be used at any time. It’s light weight, low cost, versatile and easy to use. Join the Movement… Joistik™ is exactly what I needed for my Dream Coaching & Write Your Story Course.
Thanks Joi 1 million more to be purchased!

Dwayne Ross - Writer

I purchased the Joistik™ and I can’t get enough of it. It makes it so much easier for me to take pictures and to do my livestreams. I have been able to livestream over multiple platforms. It’s terrific and I recommend it to everyone.

Terryl Ebony- Author | Speaker | Coach

I can’t say enough about this product, the brand, and the inventor behind it all! I love my JoiStik™! I use it for so many things. I love the ability to use multiple devices at the same time. The adapter clips come with it, so no need to purchase it all separately. It is very lightweight and extremely durable. They thought of EVERYTHING in the adjustments made to fit any device. It even holds my tablet! Did I say I LOVE my JoiStik™?!!! Thank you inventing such an amazing and handy product!

Crystal Michelle Seldon - NAACP Secretary

I use my Joistik™ to live stream on social media because it provides a stable platform for my phone and tablet, while enabling me to use two platforms simultaneously.  I can take photos while streaming a live event because the Joistik™ captures the live footage while I take the shots. The Joistik™ is more than another piece of equipment, it is a trusted companion and partner!

Simon Billy Bleuh Flake - Author

As a music educator and speaker I always look for ways to capture the moment in a way that frees my hands and the hands of others that I need to help me in those magical moments. The Joistik™ did just that! With minimal set up requirements and at a very affordable cost. Thanks to the Joistik™, I was able to stream live on social media sharing my gifts and the gifts of others!

Michael James - Music Teacher

Joistik: The Solution for Hands Free Social Media Livestreaming

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joistik_logo_tm Features


Safely mount your Apple or Android mobile phones and tablets


Rubber tipped tripod legs allow you to capture more stable footage than conventional hand-held solutions


Easily raise your Joistik to 7 feet and swivel your phone in virtually any direction to capture the perfect shot


Compact and lightweight so you can take it anywhere to create professional-looking content


Connect 2 or more of your devices to stream and record on multiple apps simultaneously


Aircraft grade aluminum construction ensures the long life of your investment


Easily remove the included tablet mount and attach a light, camera, microphone, or your favorite streaming tools

The Joistik is a live streaming tool that enables 2 or mobile devices to broadcast simultaneously on multiple social media platforms.

*** Due to new safety procedures dealing with COVID-19, shipping of orders may be delayed. Thank you for your patience! ***