Joistik™ LED light

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Joistik™ LED light can be mounted directly onto your Joistik™ to give you the perfect amount of light in low light settings. Can also be used as a fill light.

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Joistik™ LED light

(can be mounted directly onto your Joistik™ to give you the perfect amount of light in low light settings. Can also be used as a fill light.)

Product description- Your Joistik™ LED light comes with the Joistik™ tilt piece to mount onto the stand.

Weight – 160 gram

Voltage – 7.5 Volts

Power – 12 watts

Color temperature – 3200K – 5500K

Color rendering index – 90

Working lifespan – 50,000 hours 

LED quantity – 160 LED lights

DC size – 135x20x83 mm


1. Can be mounted directly onto your Joistik™ attached to the Joistik™ tilt piece, electricity is displayed, and the power can be adjusted.

2. Powerful Joistik™ LED light with low heating value and long life cycle.

3. Professional LED driving IC with efficiency up to 93%.

4. Easy to operate.

5. Slim design, portable and (can be carried in your Joistik™ carrying bag in the zipper section)

Dimmable range: 10% – 100%

Package includes
1. 1x Joistik™ LED light
2. 1x Hand Shank
3. 1x Orange color temperature piece
4.  1x Transparency color temperature piece
5. 1x Color box
6. 1x User manual
7. Battery
8. Battery charger
Battery –


Capacity- 2000 mAh

Battery Type- Half decode

Voltage- 7.4 V

Type- Li-ion

Certificate- CE RoHS FCC MSDS


1. Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

2. All batteries have been tested before shipment


Battery charger –


Weight 86g (not includes package)
Voltage 8.4V
Input AC 100V-240V 50/60Hz 150mA (Max)
Output DC CH1:8.4V±5% 1A DC CH2:8.4V±5% 1A
Charging current 600mAh (MAX)
Color Black
Certification FCC/CE/ROHS
1. Automatically identify battery voltage, charges different kinds of lithium batteries (intended for the LED light that it comes with) and quick complete charge.
2. Small, stylish, easy to carry and travels well
3. IC protection, high power, has an intense rapid completion charge over regular chargers, charging speed is 1.5 times faster than that of a regular battery charger


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