Joistik + Joistik JR Bundle Hands free Livestreaming tool

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Joistik Jr

Joistik Jr above angle

The full-size Joistik + the Joistik JR

joistik social media live streaming tool with vertical ipad and landscape iphone joistik social media live streaming tool with horizontal ipad and vertical iphone

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Joistik Hands-free Live Streaming Tool

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• Standard model holds 2 phones or 1 phone + 1 tablet
• Main tablet mount holds device in vertical and landscape position
• Stand crafted from aircraft grade aluminum
• Easily extends up to 7 Feet tall
• Variable tension for precise raising and lowering
• Phone holder’s swivel ball head allows angular positioning
• Compatible with all popular Apple and Android mobile devices
• Compatible with Mevo, LG 360 Cameras, Go Pro, and much more

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